Movella Holdings Inc. is providing the motion capture technology to 3rd World Studios to upgrade its animation workflows to compete in the global market. By using motion capture (mocap) - a technology found in low and big budget productions alike - 3rd World Studios and the team were able to bypass the normally laborious process of animating characters by hand, liberating their workflow from the constraints of needing a large team of professional, experienced animators. Inertial motion capture provides a cost-effective alternative to frame-by-frame animation without the restrictions of a dedicated studio and cameras, which are required when using optical mocap systems. Movella's MVN Awinda gives creators the ability to conduct mocap sessions anywhere in the world - without the need for a full studio environment.

Using the latest in gyroscopic motion recording, MVN Awinda accurately tracks movement to the finest details, without the need for powerful computers to process data or cameras to follow the action. In essence, creators can record digital action in their offices, homes, back yards - anywhere that has a little space to move around in. For 3rd World Studios, inertial motion capture opened up a new realm of possibilities.

Without the need for weeks of manual animation - and with any new equipment costs easily absorbed by gained efficiencies - the team has been able to create visually compelling stories without compromising on quality or time.