Sage announced a new partnership with Mitratech?s Mineral. This partnership brings Mitratech?s HR Advice offering to Sage HR customers, a comprehensive software solution tailored to the compliance needs of small businesses, allowing them to navigate ever-changing compliance regulations with confidence and ease. With HR Advice, Sage HR customers can stay compliant with state and federal laws, maintain employee job descriptions, create up-to-date employee handbooks, and ensure everyone is properly trained.

This solution helps businesses navigate the complex HR and compliance landscape with the resources, tools, experts, and alerts they organization need to thrive. HR Advice allows businesses to benefit from: Compliance confidence ? Access a comprehensive online compliance library to answer HR questions, stay informed on the latest regulations, and proactively address potential compliance risks.

Better organizational health ? Leverage insightful tools to assess HR health, compare salaries, and gain valuable insights for more informed business decisions. Effortless handbooks ?

Create and maintain federal and single-state employee handbooks, saving valuable time and resources. Current Sage HR customers will gain access to HR Advice Basic as part of their Core HR & Leave Management subscription. They also have the option to upgrade to HR Advice Essentials for even more compliance support, including direct access to HR professionals and ongoing learning resources.