Blend announced that Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union (MSGCU) has selected Blend to deliver an enhanced user experience for its members. By selecting Blend for its Mortgage, Income, Close, and Home Equity solutions, MSGCU aims to simplify and streamline the application process, automate their lender workflows, and offer a consistent digital experience across all lines of their consumer real estate business. Blend was able to deliver a smooth and efficient deployment in under four weeks.

By leveraging Blend's technology, MSGCU will be able to automate their entire origination process with instant verifications across assets, income, and employment. In addition, Blend's mobile capabilities will enable MSGCU to enhance its mobility and flexibility, empowering loan officers to perform tasks seamlessly while on the go, from issuing pre-approvals letters to running credit checks, input pricing, and AUS?all within the Blend platform. MSGCU anticipates an increase in operational efficiency with Blend.

By cutting down processing time and reducing manual workloads, loan teams will be freed up to focus on what matters most - their members. According to a 2023 impact analysis conducted by MarketWise Advisors, Blend?s Mortgage Suite eliminates an average of 8 days from the overall loan cycle time from processing to closing.