Location: Tilburg, Netherlands

Liam Hunter and thousands of other gingers celebrate the Redhead Days Festival

"The place here is absolutely fantastic, you'll never meet some kinder people, people that you will be friends with for life."

"I just wanted to be around a lot of redheads. My family, it's like not that many redheads."

Red hair is only found in 1 to 2% of the world population

"You know that a lot of gingers do get bullied for having red hair and it's a shame, it's a real shame. Walking around at this festival, seeing all these faces, my brothers, my sisters, it's just incredible, because I don't feel alone anymore. I feel together, I feel a part of something, something that I feel like I was missing my whole life and being here I'm completed."

"A big motivation was just to see people like us and have a sense of community as a redhead, because it can feel isolating when you don't see a lot of people like you and here, it's just so exciting to see everyone with red hair, no matter the shade of colour come together and celebrate what has made us unique in our own homes and countries."

The yearly event offers workshops on makeup and skin care

plus photo shoots and speed-meet events