Report of Disclosure Revision
Revision Date 2022-07-21
1. Disclosure Documents in relation with Revision Decision on Acquisition of Shares or Investment Certificates of Other Corporations
2. Submission date of documents 2022-04-21
3. Reason for Revision Correction in the scheduled acquisition date
4. Revised Information
information before revision after revision
6. Scheduled acquisition date 2022-07-29 2022-10-17
Decision on Acquisition of Shares or Investment Certificates of Other Corporations
1. Details of issuing company Name of company Poseung Green Power Co., Ltd.
Nationality Republic of Korea Representative Myung-hoon Lee
Capital stock (KRW) 71,000,000,000 Relationship to company -
Total number of shares issued 14,200,000 Main business Biomass
2. Details of acquisition Number of shares to be acquired 8,994,800
Acquisition cost (KRW) 95,000,000,000
Equity capital (KRW) 2,384,244,343,246
Ratio to equity capital (%) 3.98
Classified as a large-sized corporation? Yes
3. Number of shares held and shareholding ratio after acquisition Number of shares held 8,994,800
Shareholding ratio(%) 63.34
4. Acquisition method Cash acquisition
5. Purpose of acquisition To secure new revenue sources through acquisition of the biomass power generation company
6. Scheduled acquisition date 2022-10-17
7. Subject to filing of a material fact report on asset acquisition? No
-Total assets (as of the end of the latest fiscal year) (KRW) 6,746,889,021,744 Acquisition cost /Total assets(%) 1.41
8. Deemed a backdoor listing? N/A
-Plan to increase capital through third-party allotment within six months? N/A
9. Satisfying backdoor listing requirements for the issuing company (another corporation)? N/A
10. Date of board resolution (decision date) 2022-04-19
-Attendance of outside directors Present (No.) 4
Absent (No.) 0
-Attendance of auditors (members of Audit Committee who are not outside auditors) -
11. Subject to reporting to the Fair Trade Commission? No
12. Signed a put option contract, etc.? No
-Details of agreements -
13. Other matters to be factored into investment decisions - The above information is the acquisition of a
63.34% stake in Poseung Green Power Co., Ltd.
(8,994,800 common shares) from DL Energy Co., Ltd.

- 1. The Capital stock and Total number of shares issued under the 1.'Details of issuing company'
are as of the date of disclosure, and the total
number of shares issued is the total number of common stocks (8,994,800 shares) and preferred stocks (5,205,200 shares).

- Among the total number of preferred stocks,
the number of stocks with voting rights is
3,860,000, and the Company's stake is 69.97% based on the number of stocks with voting rights.

- Equity capital under 2. 'Details of acquisition' and total assets at the end of the latest fiscal
year in 7. 'Subject to filing of a material fact
report on asset acquisition?' are based on the
Company's consolidated financial statements as of the end of 2021.

- The acquisition cost under 2. 'Details of
acquisition' is subject to change during
consultation with the counterparty to transaction.

- 6. 'Scheduled acquisition date' is the expected date of payment of the transaction price, and may change depending on progress such as approval of
related organizations.

- This acquisition may not be executed if the
prerequisites for closing the transaction, such as approval from the relevant institution, are not
met, and in the event of such a cause, we will
notify you through re-disclosure.

- All members of the Audit Committee of the
company are outside directors.

- Decision on specific matters related to this
transaction is delegated to the CEO.

- The following 'Condensed Financial Statements of Issuing Company' is prepared according to the
Korean International Financial Reporting Standards (K-IFRS) for the current fiscal year (2021),
the previous fiscal year(2020), and the two fiscal years prior (2019) of Poseung Green Power Co., Ltd.
※Related disclosure -
[Condensed Financial Statements of Issuing Company](KRW)
Category Total assets Total liabilities Total shareholders' equity Capital stock Sales Net income External auditor's opinion External auditor
Current fiscal year 243,083,646,623 170,962,100,294 72,121,546,329 71,000,000,000 58,515,377,401 6,157,641,544 Unqualified opinion Deloitte Anjin LLC
Previous fiscal year 242,098,556,466 176,143,429,917 65,955,126,549 71,000,000,000 42,747,439,854 -6,375,405,734 Unqualified opinion Deloitte Anjin LLC
Two fiscal years prior 263,247,093,737 184,720,191,526 78,526,902,211 71,000,000,000 55,295,000,951 3,459,364,106 Unqualified opinion Deloitte Anjin LLC


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