Amidst the summer's heat and cherished family moments, the stock market keeps its pace, offering opportunities for watchful traders. Many traders like the action behind stocks trading under $0.02, as they can become magnets for those seeking profitable momentum plays and dip buying strategies.

Amidst the summer's heat and cherished family moments, the stock market keeps its pace, offering opportunities for watchful traders. Many traders like the action behind stocks trading under $0.02, as they can become magnets for those seeking profitable momentum plays and dip buying strategies.

Here are a few stocks worthy of your attention:

Epazz Inc. (OTC: EPAZ) emerges as a potential standout in the realm of penny stocks, presenting a compelling opportunity for traders to explore. The company has recently made headlines with its groundbreaking collaboration with CryObo Technology, as announced on Wednesday, July 19, 2023.

The collaboration between Epazz Inc. and CryObo Technology is centered around the concept of tokenization using NFTs and its application in the agricultural sector. By leveraging this innovative technology, farmers gain the opportunity to tokenize their crops, converting real-world assets into digital tokens securely recorded on the blockchain. As a result, farmers can explore new avenues for revenue generation by raising immediate capital based on projected future milestones for their crops.

Notably, the recent court decision in favor of Ripple has significant implications for CryObo Technology. US farmers can now adopt this cutting-edge solution without the need for registration statements, streamlining the process and creating a favorable environment for rapid adoption.

Shaun Passley, Ph.D., CEO and Chairman of Epazz Inc., expressed the significance of this collaboration: 'Forward cash contracts have been used in the farming business for decades. We are essentially integrating ZenaDrone technology with the CryObo tokenization system to achieve transparent open ledger digitization of these forward cash contracts, which facilitates expanded access to farm investing.'

Epazz's integration of ZenaDrone 1000 technology plays a pivotal role in this collaboration, empowering farmers with advanced aerial data capabilities. By deploying ZenaDrone 1000 drones with AI technology, farmers can accurately scan their fields and gain real-time insights into crop health. Armed with this invaluable data, farmers can make well-informed decisions on irrigation, fertilization, and weed control, ultimately optimizing productivity and maximizing harvest yields.

The issuance of NFT tokens through CryObo Technology presents an attractive investment opportunity for farm owners, plantation associations, and agricultural business investors. Token holders stand to receive a share in the income generated from the tokenized crop production, adding allure to the prospect of investing in the flourishing agricultural sector.

Epazz Inc.'s strategic partnership with CryObo Technology positions the company as a trailblazer in multiple industries, melding blockchain and drone technology to revolutionize agriculture. With its recent developments and forward-thinking ventures in the agricultural and blockchain landscapes, EPAZ holds promise for investors seeking potential rebound plays during these dog days of summer.

Net Savings Link Inc. (OTC: NSAV) has been making waves in the financial markets with its recent notable stock price increase of 9.61% as of 2:30 p.m. on July 25. As a diversified technology company, NSAV focuses on cryptocurrency, blockchain, and digital asset solutions, offering investors exposure to the fast-growing digital market.

At the heart of NSAV's operations is its Cryptocurrency Trading Platform, which leverages cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. This platform provides traders with an array of services, including portfolio management tools and an advanced price search function across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. The integration of AI enables users to make data-driven decisions and capitalize on market opportunities with greater precision.

Notably, NSAV recently teased an exciting new project through its parent company, NSAV Holding, in a series of social media updates. This upcoming project is set to address one of the most pressing concerns within the cryptocurrency industry: hacking. With the rise of digital assets, security has become a paramount concern for traders and investors worldwide. In a tweet on June 28, NSAV Holding hinted at a forthcoming solution aimed at combating this challenge.

On June 30, NSAV further emphasized the significance of their project by shedding light on the staggering financial losses incurred by the crypto industry due to hacking incidents in 2022, which amounted to nearly $4 billion. The team at NSAV, in collaboration with their partners, expressed confidence in having developed a groundbreaking and permanent resolution to this issue.

The project's implications extend beyond the crypto sector, potentially benefiting other industries such as legal and medical, underscoring the versatility and relevance of their solution.

Transportation and Logistics Systems, Inc. (OTC: TLSS) has garnered significant attention among investors as its stock surged by an impressive 23.33%. The company, acting as a publicly traded holding company, oversees a portfolio of wholly owned operating subsidiaries specializing in a comprehensive suite of logistics and transportation services. Under the guidance of Chairman and CEO Sebastian Giordano, TLSS has embarked on a series of strategic initiatives to enhance its operations and prospects.

While market recognition may sometimes lag behind actual performance or face external challenges, Giordano reaffirmed TLSS's commitment to building shareholder value. The company's efforts have encompassed various fronts, both operational and strategic, geared towards generating substantial long-term benefits.

To keep stakeholders informed about the company's current operations and ongoing strategic plans, TLSS has announced its intention to issue a comprehensive corporate update. This update, scheduled after the upcoming second-quarter earnings release in mid-August 2023, aims to provide interested parties with a deeper understanding of TLSS's progress and its future direction.

By sharing insights beyond what is strictly required in its SEC filings, TLSS seeks to offer stakeholders a more comprehensive foundation for assessing the company's growth trajectory. The forthcoming update is anticipated to provide crucial information for investors to gauge TLSS's performance and potential in this ever-changing market landscape.

With its recent market momentum and dedication to progress, TLSS could be a good stock to keep an eye on through the rest of the summer.

Digital Locations, Inc. (OTCMKTS: DLOC) continued to capture investor attention with an impressive surge as high as 20.83% yesterday.

The company's upward momentum comes on the heels of its CEO, Rich Berliner, engaging in a thought-provoking podcast discussion with Dr. Gregory Falco, an Assistant Professor at Cornell University. Their conversation explored the potential of direct satellite-to-smartphone communication, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities in the field of mission-resilient autonomy for Aerospace Systems.

Digital Locations' innovative technology aims to deliver high-speed Internet directly to smartphones globally with the support of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites. The technology presents a disruptive opportunity to bridge the digital divide, enabling high-speed Internet access in remote and underserved areas.

Investors could be increasingly drawn to the company's groundbreaking solution, which has the potential to revolutionize connectivity and drive widespread adoption of remote learning, telework, healthcare services, and much more. As the stock continues its upward trajectory, the market eagerly awaits further developments from Digital Locations, making it a compelling prospect for investors seeking significant growth potential.

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