Leapmotor N.V. and Leapmotor announced that the two companies have received all required authorizations and the formation of Leapmotor International B.V., a 51/49 Stellantis-led joint venture, is now complete. In October 2023, the two companies announced a Stellantis investment of ca. ?1.5 billion to acquire approximately 21% equity in Leapmotor, an automotive company ranked in the top 3 Chinese EV startup brands in 2023.

The deal also outlined the formation of Leapmotor International, which would have exclusive rights for the export and sale, as well as manufacturing, of Leapmotor products outside Greater China. The partnership aims to further boost Leapmotor?s sales in China, the biggest market in the world, while leveraging Stellantis? established global commercial presence to significantly accelerate Leapmotor brand sales in other regions.