Yutong Bus officially launched YEA, an integrated control technology platform for new energy commercial vehicles. This first-ever software- and hardware-integrated EV-specific platform for the industry has the potential to revolutionize China's new energy commercial vehicle sector. In addition to the launch of YEA, the event showcased Yutong's complete lineup of 15 new energy products, including buses, trucks, and special vehicles.

Focused on travel, logistics, and operations scenarios, Yutong has developed and formulated solutions for nine segments, including integrated urban and rural public transportation. With YEA, Yutong achieves seamless integration of software and hardware, thereby significantly enhancing product safety, reliability, and efficiency. The platform delivers super-integration, scalability, and self-evolution, therefore meeting full-scenario requirements of different commercial vehicle segments.

There are two core components--C-architecture and YOS--that form the technical basis of YEA. The C-architecture serves as the intelligent "brain" of the commercial vehicle operating system, a self-developed OS with C-architecture. The combination of these two core components facilitates functional fusion and redistribution, resulting in a 200% increase in computing power and a 100% improvement in control efficiency.

YEA ensures the complete decoupling of software and hardware while managing all software and hardware involved through a unified management system. This facilitates shorter software delivery cycles while ensuring intelligent driving and riding experiences as well as operational safety. YEA also leverages Yutong's extensive data support to address key pain points in the operation of new energy vehicles, including insufficient range, low operating efficiency, power inadequacy, poor safety, low attendance rate, and poor operational stability, while providing solutions for a vehicle's full lifecycle at a lower cost than those seen for conventional vehicles.