(Alliance News) - Water Intelligence PLC on Monday announced the successful deployment of its patented water management system marketed by subsidiary American Leak Detection.

The London-based provider of water infrastructure technology solutions said climate change and water shortages have significantly raised the cost of water loss. Customer therefore need a solution that moves water efficiently, protects against water loss, and reduces maintenance costs of ageing infrastructure.

Water Intelligence's latest water management system was designed to address such issues. It uses VersaLiner technology, which provides resistance from punctures, chemicals, and abrasion.

The solution's inventor, Ken Suazo, said: "VersaLiner performed above and beyond the design expectations, not only in ease of installation but in the performance in water delivery with efficient flow velocities and flow volumes with no measurable water losses.

"This open channel flow system will provide a practical, cost-effective solution in open channel flow for water conservation in agricultural applications as well as provide a robust solution for storm water management issues."

In October, ALD personnel worked with Ferguson LLC, the US arm of plumbing supplies firm Ferguson PLC, to deploy the solution in Avon, Colorado to rehabilitate a ditch on the Eagle River with results after six months validating the system.

Prior to deployment, the river fell short of a government allotted water right of 2 cubic feet per second to an agribusiness location.

"6.78 CFS of water was diverted from the Eagle River into the Nottingham-Puder lined ditch, and 6.59 CFS of water was delivered to the town at the end of the ditch in less than half an hour, resulting in water retention of 97.1%," Water Intelligence explained.

Water Intelligence shares were up 3.9% to 397.50 pence each in London on Monday morning.

By Elijah Dale, Alliance News reporter

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