Wacoal Corp.'s

Initiatives for the 2H of the FY2023

Wacoal Holdings Corp.

Representative Director, President and CEO

Hironobu Yasuhara


Change of Representative Director of the Company and Representative Director of Major Subsidiary

Background of change in representative directors

  • Tomoyasu Ito, President of Wacoal Corporation, has tendered his resignation as President of Wacoal Corporation and Vice President of Wacoal Holdings for personal reasons (resignation at the end of November 2022).
  • Until the end of March 2023, Hironobu Yasuhara, President of Wacoal Holdings will also take the position of the President of Wacoal Corporation and manages domestic business.
  • Wacoal will make a transition to a new structure from April 2023.

Wacoal Holdings Corp.

Representative Director, President and CEO


Hironobu Yasuhara

Implementing the Flexible Retirement Program to optimize the personnel structure.

Purpose of implementation of this system

  • To speed up business structural reforms in order to improve the profitability of our domestic business.
  • To optimize the personnel structure to match the scale of the business.
  • To accelerate the transformation into a resilient organization that boldly takes on new challenges and delivers results quickly.
    • The impact of this system on business performance is scheduled to be disclosed in mid-February.

Company to target for implementation:


Expected Acceptance Number:

Offer Period (scheduled):

Date of Retirement:


Wacoal Corp.

permanent employees below the management level and

employees on indefinite-term contracts, who are at least 45 years of age

  • permanent employees at management level who are at least 50 years of age
    *Excluding sales staff

Approximately 250 employees

January 2023schedule

March 31, 2023

Special additional payment based


Review of 1H

Wacoal Corp.'s Priority Initiatives

Progress of

Aim to improve LTV by improving the

CX strategy

customer experience value and bringing

online and offline together.

Evolution of the

Implementation of an optimal marketing

approach for each region and customer

area sales system

based on area information.

Strengthening of

Integration of cooperative marketing


capabilities to enable effective promotion

that resonates with customers.

Cost structural

Improving profitability by continuing structural


reforms of work style and manufacturing and

pursuing cost-effectiveness.

Withdrawal of

Decision making on withdrawal of

unprofitable stores

stores, etc. through periodic inspection.

Evaluation at the end of 1H

  • Purchases by member customers proceeding due to

  • strengthenedCXretention戦略marketingの推進.
    • Challenge: Purchases by non-members, including new members, were lower than expected.
    • Dysfunction of the area sales system, and delayed
  • development CXof customer戦略のcontacts推進.
    • Delay in area analysis (population structure/ consumer characteristics, etc.)
    • Continuation of storefront-first mass marketing.
  • Delayed causeCXanalysis略のand推進response to the marketing failure.
    • Started to optimize workforce for cost structural reforms. Challenge:CXTransformation戦略の推toP/L centered organization

    and response to rising cost of materials.

  • Discussions on addressing and dealing with

  • unprofitable CXbusinesses戦略のhaveprogressed . (Decide to continue in 2H)

Efforts to resolve issues are slow, and the process from verification to improvement of each

measure is not functioning properly.

Lack of clarity in management and responsibility for each policy. HD supervision was also



We, both management and employees, have not yet eliminated the bad mindset of not

wanting to change Wacoal.


Wacoal : Speed up the structural reform Initiatives for the 2H of this year

Priority measures for the 2H of this year

Speed up the structural reform

Pave the way back to growth

Selection of


Specific initiatives

Undertaking a fundamental review of our marketing activities: Restructuring of marketing structure and strategic cost allocation.

Restructuring area strategy: Pursuit of human resource and investment efficiency, selection of growth areas and transfer of resources.

Determining the P/L of existing stores and formulate a list of stores to be closed: Based on profit and loss plans and improvement measures.

Strengthening Wacoal's EC: Review of storefront-first marketing strategy and strengthen measures to acquire new customers.

Creating a workplace with high organizational vitality and psychological safety: Identifying and improving organizational issues.

Formulation of the management structure for the next fiscal year: Selection of human resources capable of carrying on the future, optimization of personnel, and streamlining the

5 organization.

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