In response to the growing demand, Quicklly and Visa have joined forces to launch a cross-border remittance solution to India with real-time capabilities. Customers expect cross-border payments to be as swift and effortless as domestic transactions. Through its innovative Visa Direct solution, Visa is actively working to eliminate the friction associated with cross-border payments.

Quicklly's extensive South Asian customer base, coupled with Visa's global scale, presents an unparalleled opportunity to deliver fast, efficient, and hassle-free cross-border payment solutions to Indian worldwide. Through this collaboration, Quicklly is excited to contribute to the much-needed innovation in the real-time cross-border payments space and aims to be the leading, cutting-edge, 24/7 payment channel, globally, to and from India. Scheduled for a third quarter, 2024 launch, this cutting-edge technology, combined with a customer-centric approach, plans to deliver a simplified solution that will transform the way individuals send and receive money to family and friends in India and the South Asian subcontinent.

Actual fund availability for all Visa Direct transactions may depend on the receiving financial institution, account type, region, compliance processes, along with other factors, as applicable.