Virtus Investment Partners, Inc. has expanded its offerings of distinctive, actively managed exchange-traded funds with the introduction of the Virtus AlphaSimplex Managed Futures ETF, the first ETF strategy managed by AlphaSimplex Group, LLC. The Virtus AlphaSimplex Managing Futures ETF utilizes AlphaSimplex's proprietary research and dynamic risk management systems to analyze market behavior and adapt to changing market dynamics. The firm's risk models are designed to detect changes in portfolio risk and adjust to varying levels of market volatility, allowing for daily monitoring and management of portfolio positions.

ASMF aims to deliver diversification to traditional long-only portfolios by seeking positive risk-adjusted returns with low long-term correlations to traditional asset classes. The ETF is designed to target the risk/return characteristics of the 20 large managed futures funds in the world, as measured by the SG CTA Index. It can offer long or short exposure to global equities, fixed income, currencies, and commodities through exchange-traded futures contracts.

Virtus' multi-manager ETF platform, Virtus ETF Solutions, now offers 18 actively managed and index-based ETFs across multiple asset classes. These include the Virtus Terranova U.S. Quality Momentum ETF (JOET) as well as ETFs managed by other Virtus affiliated managers, Duff & Phelps Investment Management Co., Newfleet Asset Management, Seix Investment Advisors, and Stone Harbor Investment Partners.