Udemy, Inc. announced the launch of its GenAI Skills Pack to support organizations around the world with the rapid adoption and implementation of in-demand generative AI (GenAI) skills. The GenAI Skills Pack includes curated content, emerging skills, and learning paths correlated to specific objectives to empower organizations globally with the most effective and efficient way to develop GenAI skills in a matter of hours, depending on their role. Udemy assessed more than 1,700 GenAI courses on its platform to create the GenAI Skills Pack, consolidating high-impact GenAI content into curated learning paths for leaders and professionals around the world in both technical and business fields such as software engineering, data science, sales, marketing, human resources (HR) and finance.

The GenAI Skills Pack enables Udemy Business customers ? regardless of role ? to achieve key learning outcomes by providing a fundamental understanding of GenAI and how to use it responsibly to enhance productivity, communication, presentations, time management, and project management.