May 31 (Reuters) - 
    Chipmakers across the globe are pouring billions of dollars into new plants,
encouraged by the rising use of semiconductors in everyday devices and generous subsidies
from the United States and the EU aimed at keeping the West ahead of China in the race for
cutting-edge technology.
    The European Commission has earmarked 15 billion euros for public and private
semiconductor projects by 2030, while U.S. President Joe Biden's administration passed the
CHIPS Act last year to provide more than $52 billion in subsidies to the American
semiconductor industry.
    The Act deters companies using U.S. funds from undertaking any big expansion of
overseas semiconductor manufacturing facilities in "countries of concern" such as China
for 10 years, with some exceptions.
    India, Taiwan and South Korea have also offered incentives such as tax breaks to boost
domestic chip production.
    Below are some of the chipmakers' plans for factories in Europe, North America and
 Company             Investment 
 Intel               In 2022, Intel said it would invest up to $100 billion to build
                     potentially the world's largest chip-making complex in Ohio. The
                     company also broke ground on two new factories in Arizona in
                     September 2021.
 Taiwan              TSMC said in December 2022 it plans to invest $40 billion in its chip
 Semiconductor       plant in Arizona. The plant is scheduled to be operational in 2024.
 Manufacturing       In April this year, the company agreed to expand its planned
 Company Ltd         investment by $25 billion to $65 billion and add a third Arizona fab
 (TSMC)              by 2030.
 Wolfspeed Inc       In September 2022, Wolfspeed said it would build a new multi-billion
                     dollar silicon carbide wafer factory in Chatham County, North
                     Carolina to make chips that power things such as electric vehicles.
                     Wafers are raw materials used for making chips.
 Micron Technology   In October 2022, Micron said it planned to invest up to $100 billion
                     over the next 20-plus years to build a computer chip factory complex
                     in upstate New York. The company also announced a $15 billion factory
                     in Boise, Idaho in September. 
 GlobalFoundries     GlobalFoundries in July 2021 said it will build a second factory near
                     its in Malta, New York, headquarters, and spend $1 billion to boost
                     output to address the global chip shortage. The company will also
                     expand existing operations there and in Burlington, Vermont,
                     according to a preliminary agreement with the U.S. Commerce
                     Department in February this year. 
 Texas Instruments   The company has several wafer fab projects underway, including in
                     Richardson and Sherman in Texas and in Lehi, Utah. It expects
                     production at the Utah fab, which it bought from Micron for $900
                     million, to commence in 2026
 Samsung             In 2021, Samsung said it would invest in a $17 billion chip plant in
 Electronics Co Ltd  Taylor, Texas to make advanced chips for mobile, 5G, high-performance
                     computing and artificial intelligence. The chip plant would cost
                     Samsung over $25 billion, up more than $8 billion from initial
                     forecasts, Reuters exclusively reported last year.
 SkyWater            It announced plans in July 2022 to invest $1.8 billion for a chip
 Technology          research and production facility in Indiana, in partnership with the
                     state and Purdue University.  
             SK                  SK Hynix said in April it would 
 Hynix                           invest
                                  around $3.87 billion to build an advanced packaging
                     plant, and research and development facility for AI products in
 Company         Investment 
 Infineon        Infineon won approval to begin work on a 5 billion euro ($5.42
                 billion)semiconductor plant in the German city of Dresden, it said on
                 February 2023. Production is due to start in 2026.
 Intel           Intel will spend more than 30 billion euros to develop two plants in
                 Magdeburg, the German city it picked in March 2022 as a key part of its
                 $88 billion investment drive across Europe.
                     The U.S. chipmaker will get 10 billion euros in subsidies from
                 Germany, a source told Reuters.
 STMicroelectro  The Franco-Italian company said in October 2022 it plans to build a 730
 nics            million euro silicon carbide wafer plant in Italy. Building is due to be
                 complete in 2026.
                     It also announced plans in July 2022 to build a semiconductor factory
                 in France in partnership with GlobalFoundries        .
                     The European Commission approved Italian state aid for the company in
                 May to build a 5 billion euro ($5.43 billion) chip plant.
 Taiwan          In May this year, TSMC said it planned to start construction of its first
 Semiconductor   European facility in Dresden, Germany, in the fourth quarter of 2024,
 Manufacturing   with production expected to begin in 2027.
 Company Ltd     
 Wolfspeed Inc   The chipmaker will build a $3-billion electric vehicle chip plant and a
                 research and development center in Germany, it said on February last
                     Production is planned to start in 2027 in the German state of
                 Saarland, with Wolfspeed's Chief Executive Gregg Lowe telling Reuters the
                 plant is expected to rank as the world's biggest production facility for
                 chips made out of silicon carbide.
                             Singapore-based semiconductor firm Silicon Box will 
 Silicon Box                 invest
                              3.2 billion euros in a new plant in northern Italy under a
                 government-backed deal, the Italian industry ministry said in March this
 Company          Investment 
 Taiwan           TSMC said in February that its majority-owned unit Japan Advanced
 Semiconductor    Semiconductor Manufacturing in Kumamoto would build a second fabrication
 Manufacturing    plant, bringing total investment in its Japan venture to more than $20
 Company Ltd      billion with the support of the Tokyo government.
 (TSMC)                          The company is looking at building advanced packaging
                  capacity in Japan, according to a Reuters report 
                              in March
                              , citing two sources familiar with the matter.
 Samsung          Samsung said in March last year it will invest around 300 trillion won 
 Electronics Co   ($218.49 billion) by 2042 to develop what the government called the
 Ltd              world's largest chip-making base, in line with efforts to enhance South
                  Korea's chip industry.
 Micron           Micron said it would invest $603 million over the next few years in its
 Technology       chip packaging facility in China's Xian city. 
 STMicroelectron  STMicroelectronics and Sanan Optoelectronics             plan to set up
 ics              a silicon carbide manufacturing joint venture in Chongqing, China.
 Rapidus          Japan's state-backed Rapidus broke ground on its plant in Japan's
                  northern city of Chitose, a manufacturing hub on the nation's northern
                  island of Hokkaido, in September last year.
             VDL              Dutch high tech firm VDL will 
                               a new factory to make semiconductor manufacturing
                  components in Vietnam, it said in March.
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 (Reporting by Antonis Pothitos in Gdansk, Tiyashi Datta, Aditya Soni, Akash Sriram,
Harshita Mary Varghese and Arsheeya Bajwa in Bengaluru, Juby Babu in Mexico City; editing
by Josephine Mason, Mark Potter, Krishna Chandra Eluri, Anil D'Silva, Vinay Dwivedi and
Sriraj Kalluvila)