The Real Good Food Company, Inc. announced the national launch of its Garlic Parmesan and Lightly Buttered Seasoned Chicken Breast Chunks into the frozen poultry section of approximately 4,000 Walmart stores nationwide. This frozen poultry line extension is another step toward fulfilling Real Good Foods? mission to make nutritious foods more accessible to people everywhere and help them to live healthier lives.

The Real Good Foods Seasoned Chicken Chunks have more protein and far less carbohydrates than leading chicken nugget brands in stores. Additionally, the new items contain no gluten or grains, while most others available are coated in carbohydrate-heavy breading systems made from highly processed grains and gluten. The Real Good Foods Seasoned Chicken Breast Chunks have a juicy interior and are coated in proprietary seasoning blends for maximum flavor.

RGFs new Seasoned Chicken Breast Chunks are merchandised in the frozen section of 4,000 Walmart stores across the US beginning in June 2024, alongside the existing Real Good Foods branded Lightly Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets and Strips.