Tenaris has been acknowledged as a key partner by Gran Tierra Energy for its dedication to providing top-quality products and services to its operations in Colombia and Ecuador.

For over a decade, Tenaris has been a supplier to Gran Tierra Energy, providing OCTG products through Rig Direct , the company's mill-to-well service model. With the recent renewal of a long-term contract until 2026 , the business relationship between the two companies has expanded in both scope and volume.

'Tenaris plays a crucial role in the success of Gran Tierra Energy's operations, thanks to its commitment to timely delivery of necessary materials. Their ability to meet deadlines and specifications has established a strong trust between both companies, facilitating a smooth workflow and contributing to the overall success of our operations,' stated Corporate Supply Chain Manager at Gran Tierra Energy Jose Romero.

Tenaris is committed to adding value to Gran Tierra's operations while meeting the highest standards of quality and service. 'We strive to support our client's business by addressing their needs in such a dynamic market,' explained Daniela Jaramillo, Tenaris commercial director in Colombia. 'This recognition is the result of the strategic alliance we have built over the years and reaffirms the trust they have in us.'


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