BERLIN (dpa-AFX) - The German Tenants' Association is insisting that the traffic light government keeps its promises and initiates further reforms to protect tenants. The extension of the rent freeze until 2029 is important and overdue, but it is not enough, explained Tenants' Association President Lukas Siebenkotten on Wednesday. "We are relying on the government to do all its homework for this legislative period," Siebenkotten emphasized. This includes, among other things, the reduction of the rent cap for rent increases from 15 to 11 percent as agreed in the coalition agreement, an improvement in protection against dismissal and the implementation of a new non-profit housing association.

The tenants' association also believes that the rent cap, which regulates rents after moving to a popular area, should be tightened up. "The rent freeze has numerous exceptions and loopholes, which urgently need to be closed as part of the extension," said Siebenkotten.

The property owners' association Haus und Grund, on the other hand, welcomed the fact that no tightening of tenancy law is planned. "The Federal Minister of Justice has correctly recognized that private landlords cannot bear any further tightening, also with a view to the energy transition," explained association president Kai Warnecke. The extension of the rent freeze is completely superfluous and highly questionable from a constitutional point of view. "Anyone who wants to enable the necessary investments in the housing stock with a view to the energy transition and age-appropriate conversion must allow reasonable rent changes," he argued./tam/DP/stk