SSAB and Nordec have agreed on deliveries of fossil-free steel. Nordec will use the fossil-free steel in, for example, frame structures for buildings, façades and bridges. The agreement between SSAB and Nordec is an important step towards an efficient supply chain for fossil-free steel.

SSAB aims to deliver fossil-free steel to the market in 2026 and this agreement will ensure Nordec gets the quantities of steel it needs from SSAB's production capacity. Under the collaboration, SSAB will initially supply small quantities of fossil-free steel for the first pilot project, and in the future quantities of fossil-free steel will increase as production ramps up. Fossil-free steel applications are the frame structures for buildings, façades and steel bridges.

The collaboration supports Nordec's carbon dioxide emission reduction targets for 2030 and SSAB's goal of developing a fossil-free value chain.