FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) - Shares in Siemens Energy extended their price correction from the annual high on Tuesday. At 24.46 euros, they returned to the 21-day average line and have now lost almost 10 percent since the annual high a week ago. In the current year, however, they remain by far the best DAX stock with a doubling in price. On Tuesday, they recently lost 3.6 percent.

In a study, analyst Mark Strouse from JPMorgan looked at the similarities and differences between the Bavarians and their competitor GE Vernova, which was spun off from General Electric. His conclusion: He maintains his "Overweight" rating for GE Vernova due to the "cleaner investment story in the field of electrification". In addition to the weaker balance sheet at Siemens Energy, there are also concerns about the turnaround in the wind power business, according to Strouse. His vote here remains "Underweight" with a price target of 13 euros.

At 186 US dollars, he is above the high of around 183 dollars reached at the end of May for GE Vernova. The day before, they had closed at a good 170 dollars on Wall Street. This is an increase of almost 48 percent compared to the start of trading at 115 dollars at the end of March.

Bernstein expert Nicholas Green is also skeptical about Siemens Energy shares. The India deal, in which Siemens helped its former subsidiary by purchasing shares in its India business worth billions at the end of 2023, will still cause Siemens Energy a huge headache, says Green. In 2028, the Siemens stake would have to be bought back at market value - and that could cost Siemens Energy between 3 and 7 billion euros. Currently, it would be 5.2 billion euros, Green calculated. This pending India burden is probably not even included in most valuation models./ag/bek/jha/