HANNOVER (dpa-AFX) - Many large companies in Germany are open to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in application procedures. This was the result of a survey conducted by Deutsche Presse-Agentur in which 16 of the 40 DAX companies took part. According to the survey, applications with AI are already being used by both applicants and HR departments.

The automotive supplier Continental, for example, said: "The fact that someone uses AI to create their application is no reason for us to no longer consider this person in the further process. On the contrary - good knowledge of AI is also becoming increasingly important in working life and is therefore a welcome skill."

The energy supplier Eon also stated that there is nothing to stop AI being used for formulations or as inspiration. However, it is important to get an honest, authentic picture of the applicant. Personal involvement is also very important. "This would not be the case with an application created purely with AI."

According to the survey, companies generally do not systematically check documents for the use of AI. Deutsche Telekom emphasized that it is also not concerned with whether an AI created the application or not. "We didn't know in the past whether a friend or neighbor had helped with the creation of the CV." What is more important is what skills and, above all, what motivation the applicant has.

Several companies also use AI themselves to find suitable employees - especially when it comes to creating job advertisements. However, some companies, such as Siemens and BASF, are already using AI to review documents. However, the final hiring decision is always made by a human./cwe/DP/stk