Redelfi S.p.A. (BIT:RDF) signed a binding agreement to acquire Gpa Solution Srl from Tzu S.R.L. for ?6.5 million on October 30, 2023. The consideration for the acquisition is set as ?0.3 million, plus an earn out that will be recognized in 1,550,000 newly issued Redelfi shares that TZU will have the right to subscribe in December 2028 at a price of ?2 per share, or in a cash sum of ?11.2 million if the value of Redelfi?s stock as of December 1, 2028 will be higher than ?9.2 per share GPA, in addition to the energy market, and in particular BESS as an innovative and sustainable technology, also operates in the raw materials trading sector, an activity which, following the acquisition, Redelfi has contractually committed not to continue and to transfer irrevocably and without constraints to the selling party, as it is not in line with the Company?s core business. Gpa Solution has reported turnover of ?26 million in financial year 2022.