Reckitt Benckiser Group plc announced a change to the Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability, Ethics and Compliance Committee, along with changes to the members of its Board Committees with immediate effect. Following a review of the role and scope of the CRSECC, it has been agreed by the Board to align the Committee to their Principal Risks related to product regulation, product quality & safety and legal & compliance. This will allow the Committee to focus on these critical areas and the culture of compliance at the Company.

ESG and sustainability will return to the remit of the Board. Given the change in scope, the Committee has been renamed the Compliance Committee. Following the recent changes in Directors at the AGM and the previously announced appointment of Fiona Dawson CBE to the Board, Sir Jeremy Darroch, Chair of the Board, has taken the opportunity to review the members of the Board Committees and confirms the Committee Chairs and members as follows: The Audit Committee will continue to be chaired by Andrew Bonfield and the members are Elane Stock, Margherita Della Valle, and Tamara Ingram.

The Nomination Committee will be chaired by Jeremy Darroch and the members are Andrew Bonfield and Margherita Della Valle. As previously announced, the Remuneration Committee will be chaired by Mary Harris until May 2025 at which point Fiona Dawson will become Chair. The members are Jeremy Darroch and Fiona Dawson.

The Compliance Committee will be chaired by Mehmood Khan and the members are Kris Licht and Marybeth Hays.