Polestar is expanding its commercial footprint and retail operations across existing and new markets, as its model line-up continues to grow. The company is widening its retail footprint with existing and new partners, as part of a shift to a non-genuine agency sales model across Europe. Customers will still be able to configure and order their Polestar online, as well as through the expanding network of Polestar Spaces and service locations, making it easier for more customers to buy and own a Polestar.

Sweden and Norway switched to a non-genuine agency sales model earlier this month with other key markets set to follow suit in the second half of the year. Polestar is accelerating its geographic expansion and plans to enter seven new markets during 2025. France is the largest volume market for electric cars in the EU after Germany and represents a significant opportunity for the company.

In addition, Polestar will look to launch in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Thailand and Brazil via local distribution partnerships.