Fevikwik, from the house of Pidilite Industries Limited, announced the launch of innovative new products, Fevikwik Precision Pro, Fevikwik Gel, Fevikwik Advanced and Fevikwik Craft. The launch of new products aims to revolutionise the repair experience for consumers across diverse use cases. The new range of products have been designed to offer superior performance and user experience across various usage categories - Fevikwik Precision Pro for precise application, Fevikwik Gel for spill-free repairs and opportunity to correct mistakes, Fevikwik Advanced with water-proof and shockproof properties, and Fevikwik Craft for crafting enthusiasts.

In addition to addressing consumer needs, Fevikwik prioritised product accessibility and availability by adding new channels and distribution centres across India. The brand has introduced multi-use, easy- to-stock packaging to meet the preferences of urban consumers, ensuring readiness for emergencies.