On Wednesday, Nvidia made official its acquisition of Israeli start-up Run:ai, with which the chipmaker had been collaborating since 2020.

In a press release, the American group states that it has reached an agreement to acquire the company, which specializes in compute orchestration for AI-related workloads, confirming rumors that had been circulating on the markets for several weeks.

Nvidia explains that the deal will enable it to offer its customers services to optimize their AI resources, which are today often scattered between cloud servers, edge networks and data centers.

Run:ai," he continues, "enables companies to manage their AI infrastructures through the planning of information filtering systems, search engines and other tasks.

According to Christopher Dembik, analyst at Pictet AM, the operation will enable Nvidia to add a new brick to its already essential AI architecture.

The aim, in his view, is to achieve with the acquisition of this AI platform 'accessible to all' what Microsoft achieved with Windows, not in the field of computing but in that of AI.

'If the acquisition goes through (...) the field of possibilities for Nvidia will be infinite', explains Christopher Dembik.

'The costs associated with the use of the cloud and AI are enormous for most companies. Thanks to such a platform, even the smallest companies will be able to have access to them', he adds.

The financial terms of the operation were not disclosed, but market sources were talking about a deal probably worth around a billion dollars.

Listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Nvidia shares gained 0.6% on Wednesday morning following this announcement.

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