The Annual General Meeting of Norsk Hydro ASA resolved on May 7, 2024, to elect Jane Toogood and Espen Gundersen as new members of the Board of Directors of the Company. Rune Bjerke, Marianne Wiinholt, Peter Kukielski, Kristin Fejerskov Kragseth and Philip Graham New were re-elected as members of the Board of Directors. This is in accordance with the recommendation from the Nomination Committee, which was published as an appendix to the notice to the Annual General Meeting on April 12, 2024.

The Board of Directors has in a constituting Board meeting held after the Annual General Meeting elected Rune Bjerke as Chair and Kristin Fejerskov Kragseth as Deputy Chair. Following the election, the Company's Board of Directors will consist of the following 11 members: Rune Bjerke (chair), Kristin Fejerskov Kragseth (deputy chair), Marianne Wiinholt, Peter Kukielski, Philip Graham New, Jane Toogood, Espen Gundersen, Arve Baade (employee representative), Bjørn Petter Moxnes (employee representative), Torleif Sand (employee representative), Margunn Sundve (employee representative). All shareholder elected members have been elected for up to two years, and at the latest, to the Company?s Annual General Meeting in 2026.