Nextracker announced the availability of its NX Horizon? solar tracker system with up to 35% lower carbon footprint. Marking a significant milestone for solar energy, the NX Horizon low carbon tracker solution culminates Nextracker?s technology leadership and robust supply chain solutions including the use of electric arc furnace (EAF) manufacturing, recycled steel, and logistics strategically located near project sites.

Initially offered in the United States, the low carbon tracker solution includes Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) documentation using a third-party verified analysis of environmental benefits, including reductions in carbon footprint, land use, water consumption and other metrics associated with the sourcing, manufacturing, delivery, and operation of solar trackers. Nextracker also achieved the Carbon Trust Product Carbon Footprint label certification for its NX Horizon low carbon solar tracker system demonstrating it has met the global standard for carbon emission data collecting, evaluation and reporting methodology throughout the life cycle of its solar trackers. Nextracker secured initial orders for its newly launched NX Horizon low carbon tracker from several solar customers?both have committed to reduced carbon solar tracker systems for their U.S.-based solar power projects.

Nextracker is at the forefront of implementing sustainable supply chain solutions for the energy sector through controlled upstream sourcing of raw materials and domestic manufacturing for its solar tracker systems. Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) processing uses recycled steel and electricity to generate new steel, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) operations, which rely on iron ore and coal. This not only aligns with Nextracker?s commitment to minimize environmental impact but also leverages American scrap steel supply enabling resource efficiency and growth for the U.S. steel industry. Nextracker has also reduced carbon-intense materials such as aluminum from its NX Horizon low carbon offering to under 1% aluminum by weight in the product.

The new NX Horizon low carbon tracker offering is available now with the first shipments scheduled for later the year 2024.