Following the success of thrillerHellbound, Netflix once again joins forces with director Yeon Sang-ho and writer Choi Gyu-seok to bring another hard-hitting comic to screen. Revelations follows a pastor and a detective, each driven by their own beliefs. The pastor believes it's his divine calling to punish the culprit behind a missing-person case, while the detective assigned to the case continues to be haunted by visions of her dead sister.

Known for their novel exploration of life and death in Hellbound, Yeon and Choi are set to once more take the world by storm with Revelations. Yeon, who consistently delves in human nature amid a chaotic world, will once again challenge viewers to consider the intersections of religion and humanity, belief and conviction, vice and virtue. Choi, who's proven to have a shrewd take on social issues, contributes his signature style of immersive storytelling last seen in Awl. The film, based on the 2022 comic of the same name created by both Yeon and Choi, promises to deliver a thought-provoking narrative crafted by the visionary duo.

Ryu Jun-yeol (The 8 Show, The Night Owl)portrays Min-chan, a pastor who runs a church in a small provincial town with a mission for church planting. When a man named Yang-rae visits his church, Min-chan receives a divine revelation identifying him as the culprit who abducted his son, and he sets forth to pursue justice. Alternating between sincere faith and cruel reality, Min-chan becomes consumed by his quest for retribution. Ryu Jun-yeol is poised to deliver another breathtaking portrayal of a man driven to madness by unwavering belief. Shin Hyun-been (Hospital Playlist, Reborn Rich) plays detective Yeon-hee, who is on the trail of Yang-rae, a suspect in the missing-person case, as well as the suspicious pastor Min-chan. Yeon-hee is constantly haunted by visions of her sister, who died due to a heinous crime. Despite her personal struggles, Yeon-hee doggedly pursues the culprit, adding tension to the narrative.

Alfonso Cuarón, acclaimed director of GravityandRoma, which won the Golden Lion at the 75th Venice Film Festival and multiple Academy Awards including Best Directing, Best Cinematography, and Best International Feature Film at the 91st Academy Awards®, joins as the executive producer of Revelations.

"Alfonso Cuarón, known for masterpieces like Children of Men and Gravity, has greatly influenced my work as a director," says Yeon. "I am thrilled at this opportunity to collaborate with him on shaping Revelations, and I have high expectations for our partnership."

The film is produced by WOW POINT, a global content production company actively producing original local content in Korea, the United States, and Japan. Recent projects include the Netflix seriesThe Bequeathed, which garnered global attention as a Korean-style mystery thriller, and the Netflix seriesParasyte: The Grey, an adaptation of the legendary Japanese manga "Parasyte." As WOW POINT puts it: "With two globally renowned creators coming together, we sincerely hope that Revelations will thrill audiences worldwide."


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