October 17, 2023

ZEPETO announced it has forged a strategic partnership with Fuji Television Network, one of the largest television networks in Japan. As a first step, they've unveiled their first joint program, the "Shar-Pule" Avatar Audition Program initiative.

ZEPETO, under the operation of NAVER Z Corporation, is a thriving avatar-based social media platform embraced by a user base exceeding 400 million globally. This dynamic platform empowers users to effortlessly personalize 3D avatars, offering an extensive spectrum of customization options encompassing facial attributes, hairstyles, makeup, and even body shapes.

With their customized avatars as the creative vessel, users engage in content creation, seamlessly transitioning through various poses and dance movements. Facilitating global connections, ZEPETO provides a wide array of communication features, including text and voice chat and the ability to stream live content. ZEPETO goes a step further in inclusivity by allowing virtually anyone to transition from a consumer to a creator and enabling them to market their creations within the platform. These features have spurred explosive growth, resonating particularly with the Alpha and Z generations who value self-expression.

The "Shar-Pule" Avatar Audition Program kicks off with a voice actor competition, evaluating participants based on their vocal performances synchronized with their avatars. Winners will make a debut as official artists on ZEPETO, with their journeys being featured in this collaborative program. It's worth noting that this program will leverage the 2D anime-style avatars recently introduced by ZEPETO. Given the surging interest in Japanese anime culture and the vibrant Vtuber market, the 2D anime-style avatar has garnered immense popularity. In just one month since ZEPETO's introduction of 2D anime-style avatars, users have customized their avatars into the 2D style 23.3 million times. This shared enthusiasm prompted both ZEPETO and Fuji Television Network to solidify their strategic partnership.

Toru Ota, Executive Vice President of Fuji Television Network, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, "We believe this partnership will allow us to harness our content creation skills and showcase them within ZEPETO's immersive virtual space. As a platform with a substantial presence within Generation Z, ZEPETO provides the perfect stage to introduce our content to younger audiences. While the journey wasn't without its challenges, it has ultimately elevated both parties to new heights. The winners of this program are sure to make a significant impact on the global stage."

Ricky Kang, Global Head of Business at NAVER Z, emphasized the significance of the joint launch of the "Shar-Pule" Avatar Audition Program. He added "NAVER Z has been actively seeking a partner to expand our avatar technologies. Combining with Fuji Television Network's extensive content portfolio and industry expertise, we believe our partnership will elevate our offerings to new levels."



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