MiMedia Holdings Ltd. announce the deployment of its mobile app to 100K+ Android smartphones in Puerto Rico with existing partner PCD via the Company's new deployment capability. Highlighted last February as a significant technical achievement for the Company, this new deployment approach features the same depth or level of integration on existing smartphones already in consumer hands that the Company achieves when integrating onto new smartphones being newly built and coming to market. With this new capability, MiMedia dramatically widens its addressable smartphones for integration to all devices currently in market as well as those coming to market of an existing partner or any new partner in the pipeline.

While MiMedia had previously conducted successful smaller tests of this new deployment capability, this recent deployment represents biggest to date and the first at greater than 100K smartphones in one run. The Company is currently planning and working on similar sized deployments of this new type in the coming months with several of existing partners as well as potential new partners. As noted, this new deployment approach adds to the integration approach that MiMedia executes on smartphones being built from scratch.

Current partners, such as Orbic, are now ramping up shipments in Second Quarter of newly built smartphones and tablets with MiMedia integrated in advance of the cyclically stronger second half of the year for the smartphone market.