Mauna Kea Technologies announces a new partnership with Metrodora Institute, a leading multidisciplinary healthcare institute.

This collaboration aims to make the Metrodora Institute the first American center of excellence to serve as a model for patient management and physician training in the use of Cellvizio to identify and treat food intolerances in patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

This partnership is perfectly in line with our strategic vision, and represents a significant step forward in the expansion of Cellvizio's use in the field of food intolerance," said Dr. Sacha Loiseau, Founder, President and CEO of Cellvizio, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Mauna Kea Technologies.

According to him, this collaboration 'represents a key lever in raising awareness of C-FIT in the medical community and among patients, positioning it as a reference method for the detection of food intolerances',

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