On Friday, Mauna Kea reported further favorable data on the use of its Cellvizio cellular imaging platform for the diagnosis of pancreatic cysts.

The medical device manufacturer says these studies confirmed the superiority of Cellvizio in accurately classifying the risk of cystic lesions of the pancreas, with a sensitivity and accuracy of 98%, above conventional methods.

Conventional techniques, which involve endoscopic ultrasound followed by fine-needle aspiration and analysis of cyst fluid, are deemed insufficiently effective, given that pancreatic cancer is one of the most difficult cancers to diagnose.

According to Mauna Kea, direct microscopic observation of the cystic lesion in the pancreas in real time with the Cellvizio is rapidly approaching a phase of mass adoption and the status of a standard of care.

The company thus sees a "very important" market opportunity materializing.

Against a complicated market backdrop, with the CAC 40 still down over 2% on Friday, Mauna Kea shares failed to take advantage of this good news on the Paris Bourse, losing 0.8% as mid-day approached.

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