Lemonade announced the launch of Homeowners insurance in France in partnership with BNP Paribas Cardif. Millions of occupying homeowners can now purchase extensive coverage for their home and belongings, featuring the same seamless Lemonade experience customers have come to know and love. Today?s launch builds on Lemonade?s entrance into France in December 2020, offering AI-powered renters insurance to protect residents?

belongings. With Lemonade?s European business making significant strides in 2023, the launch of Homeowners insurance throughout France will support the company?s continued growth as it expands globally. Lemonade?s Homeowners insurance is specifically crafted for customers in France, with the ability to get instantly covered through the Lemonade app, starting from EUR 10 per month.

On top of the industry base coverage (fire, water damage, reconstruction costs, civil liability, etc.), the policy also provides a suite of add-ons to provide full-scope coverage and flexibility, including: School Insurance: extended coverage to children up to 18 years old, to provide coverage during school and extracurricular activities should an accident occur. Legal Protection: helping customers in case of disputes with a third party for a wide range of day-to-day situations (property, retail, work-related, and online reputation). Theft Outside the Home: providing protection should someone steal a customer?s belongings while on the go.