L'OREAL are tightening rules on workers' low office attendance at the end of the week, mandating staff to be in at least two Fridays a month.

The new policy, which applies to all the company's offices and came into effect last Thursday, is an attempt to even out when people work remotely.

Choosing to have a Friday working from home has been the overwhelming favourite among staff at the French beauty company.

The overall number of days that its employees are required to be in the office, which is three days. has remained the same.

The measure is yet more evidence of firms becoming increasingly jittery about the long-term effects of excessive remote working.

Last week, Ernst & Young, along with top City law firms including Hogan Lovells and Taylor Wessing, were revealed to be reviewing their buildings' turnstile data to monitor whether staff were complying with the firms' work-from-home policy.

L'Oreal did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

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