KT&G Corporation conducted an investment support ceremony with the Indonesian Ministry of Investment and obtained an investment support letter with respect to the establishment of its new manufacturing plant in the East Java province, Indonesia, which will serve as an export hub. On September 6, 2023, KT&G CEO Mr. Bok-In Baek and the Minister of Investment H.E. Bahlil Lahadalia, along with other key officials, convened at the Indonesian Ministry of Investment headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia. They discussed KT&G's investment plan to establish a new manufacturing plant in Indonesia and the regulatory support to be provided by the Indonesian Ministry of Investment.

Following the Indonesian Ministry of Investment's agreement to support the contemplated investment, KT&G will further refine the specific details of its investment plan and the Indonesian Ministry of Investment will provide its full support and assistance subject to the existing laws and regulations. Once the key points, such as the investment amount, method and targets are confirmed, KT&G plans to proceed with the necessary procedures, including obtaining the Board of Directors' resolutions. The new manufacturing plant in Indonesia aims to commence operations in 2026, and the manufactured products are anticipated to be exported to overseas markets, including Southeast Asia.

With this contemplated investment, KT&G strives to strategically position Indonesia as the production hub for its export products and intensify efforts to expand into the global market.