Kolon Industries Inc. actively targets the global automobile/power generation market by presenting hydrogen fuel cell core parts and materials at the world's leading renewable energy platform. The company exhibits its membrane humidifier, Polymer Electrolyte Membrane(PEM), Membrane Electrode Assembly(MEA) and a membrane material-based item 'Vent' at 'World Smart Energy Week 2023' in Tokyo from 15-17 March (local time). In addition, the company has started mass production of polymer electrolyte membranes (PEMs), key material for hydrogen vehicle fuel cells, since 2020.

Through these differentiated techniques and production capabilities essential for the hydrogen economy, it has become a top solution provider in the industry. It is currently solidifying the foundation for mass production of membrane electrode assembly (MEA). The company also introduces a membrane technology-based product 'Vent'.

Vent is a waterproof, dustproof material which gives air permeability in smartphones and automobiles. It is expected to be applied widely on hydrogen systems, secondary batteries and more.