Keller Group plc (LSE:KLR) will looking for acquisitions. Michael Speakman said, "Looking forward to '24. I think there'll be continued refinement of the portfolio, both in terms of where we play, but also how we structure ourselves.

David made reference earlier on to the structural change. And that's really a refinement to again to make this more effective in terms of our management span of control, and therefore, execute better. There will be targeted acquisitions if we manage to get things which we like at the right price.

But clearly, we'll maintain our discipline over that". "We also have a number of self-help initiatives, which, as I mentioned earlier, we will learn from our mistakes, pick ourselves up and move forward and improve. And we will continue to refine the shape and structure of the business.

Strategic execution will continue both organically and through targeted M&A. And in doing so, we'll be busy building the foundations for a sustainable future".