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The JD Sports Fashion Plc Long Term Incentive Plan 2022

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The JD Sports Fashion Plc Long Term Incentive Plan 2022

Table of contents


Grant of Awards



Plan limits



Individual limit



Award Price



Performance Target and conditions









Vesting of Awards (and exercise of Options)



Holding Period



Vesting of Awards (and exercise of Options) in special circumstances 13


Takeover and other corporate events



Exchange of Awards



Lapse of Awards



Adjustment of Awards on Reorganisation



Tax and social security withholding



Rights and listing of Plan Shares



Relationship of the Plan to contract of employment



Administration of the Plan



Amendment of the Plan






Governing law and jurisdiction





The JD Sports Fashion Plc Long Term Incentive Plan 2022

1. Grant of Awards

Awards granted by Grantor

Subject to Rules 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 18.3, the Grantor may from time to time grant Awards to Eligible Employees.

Terms of Awards and Directors' Remuneration Policy limitations

Subject to the Rules, the Grantor will in its absolute discretion decide whether or not any Awards are to be granted at any particular time and, if they are, to whom they are granted and the terms of such Awards. Where Awards are not granted by the Board, the terms must be approved in advance by the Board.

Where the Company has in place a Directors' Remuneration Policy approved by the Company in general meeting, the terms of an Award to be granted to an Eligible Employee who is a director of the Company must fall within the scope of the Directors' Remuneration Policy most recently approved by the Company in a general meeting. Such terms may include by way of example but without limitation any relevant individual limit in Rule 3 and any Performance Target set under Rule 5.

Procedure for grant of Awards and Award Date

An Award shall be granted by the Grantor passing a resolution. The Award Date shall be the date on which the Grantor passes the resolution or any later date specified in the resolution and allowed by Rule 1.5. The grant of an Award shall be evidenced by a deed executed by or on behalf of the Grantor.

An Award Certificate or a Restricted Share Agreement (as applicable) shall be issued to each Award Holder as soon as reasonably practicable following the grant of the Award setting out details of the Award determined in accordance with Rule 1.4 and, where applicable, Rule 1.12.

Terms and conditions set at grant

The Grantor shall, at the time of grant, determine:

whether the Award comprises an Option, a Conditional Share Award or Restricted Shares;

the Award Date;

the number of Plan Shares subject to the Award or the basis on which the number of Plan Shares will be calculated;

the Award Price (if any);

the date or dates on which the Award will normally Vest and if more than one date is specified, the number or proportion of the Plan Shares subject to an Award which will normally Vest on each of those dates;

whether or not any dividend equivalents will be payable under Rule 8.9;

in the case of an Option, the Exercise Period;

any Performance Target and any condition imposed under Rule 5.1;

any Holding Period (and the proportion of the Award to which it applies, if not 100 per cent);

whether Rule 6 (Malus) and/or Rule 7 (Clawback) shall apply to the Award;

any other conditions of the Award; and

where the Award comprises Restricted Shares, any provisions which must be determined under Rule 1.12.

The Grantor may grant an Award in any number of tranches, where the terms (as referred to in this Rule) are different. In these circumstances, the Rules will be interpreted as if each tranche was a standalone Award.

When Awards may be granted

Subject to Rule 1.6, the Grantor may grant Awards only during the 42 days beginning on:

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The JD Sports Fashion Plc Long Term Incentive Plan 2022

the date of shareholder approval of the Plan;

the day after the announcement of the Company's results for any period through a Regulatory Information Service;

any day on which the Board determines that circumstances are sufficiently exceptional to justify the grant of Awards at that time; or

the day after the lifting of any Dealing Restrictions which prevented the grant of Awards during any of the times described above.

When Awards may not be granted

Awards may not be granted:

when prevented by any Dealing Restrictions; or

after the 10th anniversary of shareholder approval of the Plan.

Who can be granted Awards

An Award may only be granted to an individual who is an Eligible Employee at the Award Date. Unless the Board decides otherwise, an Award will not be granted to an Eligible Employee who on or before the Award Date has given or received notice of termination of employment (whether or not lawful).

Confirmation of acceptance of Award

The Grantor may require an Eligible Employee who is (or is to be) granted an Award to confirm their acceptance of the Rules and the terms of any Award granted to them by a specified date. Such confirmation will be in a manner and form set by the Grantor (which may require the Eligible Employee to confirm acceptance on a portal or execute a document). The Grantor may provide that the Award will lapse (and as a result be treated as never having been granted) if the confirmation of acceptance is not provided by the specified date, or provide that the Award will not Vest until they do so agree in writing.

Right to refuse Award

An Award Holder may by notice in writing to the Company within 30 days after the Award Date state they do not want their Award in whole or part. In such a case, the Award shall to that extent be treated as never having been granted.

No payment for an Award

An Award Holder shall not be required to make payment for the grant of an Award unless the Board determines otherwise. Where an Award Holder refuses their Award pursuant to the terms of Rule 1.9, no payment in connection with the refusal is required from the Award Holder or the Grantor.

Awards non-transferable

An Award shall be personal to the Award Holder and, except in the case of the death of an Award Holder, an Award shall not be capable of being transferred, charged or otherwise alienated and shall lapse immediately if the Award Holder purports to transfer, charge or otherwise alienate the Award.

Awards which are Restricted Shares

This Rule 1.12 sets out specific provisions in relation to Restricted Shares.

An Eligible Employee who is to be granted Restricted Shares must enter into a Restricted Share Agreement with the Grantor providing that to the extent the Award lapses, the Restricted Shares are forfeited and the Restricted Shares will immediately be transferred for no (or nominal) consideration to any person specified by the Grantor. The Restricted Share Agreement will also provide that, except for transfer on death of the Award Holder to their personal representatives or to the extent agreed by the Grantor (and subject to such conditions as it may decide), the Award Holder will not transfer, give security over or assign the Restricted Shares subject to their Award during the Vesting Period.

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The JD Sports Fashion Plc Long Term Incentive Plan 2022

The Award Holder must sign any document (including a blank stock transfer form) requested by the Grantor relating to the Restricted Shares. The Grantor may provide that the Award will lapse if any such document is not signed within any specified period.

On or as soon as practicable after the Award Date of Restricted Shares the Grantor will procure that the relevant number of Restricted Shares are issued or transferred (including out of treasury or otherwise) to the Award Holder or another person to be held for the benefit of the Award Holder.

Except to the extent set out in the Restricted Share Agreement, the Award Holder shall have all the rights in respect of Restricted Shares from the date of transfer until any date on which the Award comprising the Restricted Shares lapses (whether in whole or in part).

2. Plan limits


The aggregate number of Plan Shares over which Awards may be granted shall be limited as set out in this Rule 2.

Dilution limit

An Award may not be granted if the result of granting the Award would be that the aggregate number of Plan Shares issued or committed to be issued under:

Awards under the Plan; or

options or awards granted under any other Employees' Share Scheme (whether or not discretionary) operated by the Company,

would exceed 89,690,055 Plan Shares.


For the purpose of the limit contained in this Rule 2:

for as long as required by The Investment Association Principles of Remuneration treasury shares shall be included in the limit as if they were new issue shares;

there shall be disregarded any Plan Shares where the right to acquire the Plan Shares has lapsed or been renounced;

there shall be disregarded any Plan Shares which the Trustees have purchased, or determined that they will purchase, in order to satisfy an Award or the exercise of an option or the vesting of other rights of an employee under any other Employees' Share Scheme operated by the Group;

any Plan Shares issued or issuable in relation to an Award, or on the exercise of an option or the vesting of other rights of an employee under any other Employees' Share Scheme operated by the Group, shall be taken into account once only (when the Award is granted or the option is granted or the right awarded) and shall not fall out of account when the Award Vests, the option is exercised or other rights vest.

Scaling down

If the granting of an Award would cause the limit in this Rule 2 to be exceeded, such Award shall take effect as an Award over the maximum number of Plan Shares which does not cause the limit to be exceeded. If more than one Award is granted on the same Award Date, the number of Plan Shares which would otherwise be subject to each Award shall be reduced pro rata.

3. Individual limit


The number of Plan Shares over which Awards may be granted to any one Eligible Employee shall be limited as set out in this Rule 3.

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