Insight Enterprises, Inc. has launched a fast-start service that accelerates the adoption of data analytics across the enterprise through the use of Microsoft Fabric. Companies seeking to implement generative AI and analytics often struggle to access the necessary data due to its various formats and locations within the organization. A data fabric enables access to all data without requiring relocation to a different environment.

The Insight Lens?? architecture solution reduces the implementation time of Microsoft Fabric, a modern data analytics platform that unifies and simplifies a business data environment, to just weeks. Organizations benefit from the creation of a Microsoft Fabric proof of concept, tailored support from Insight Data and AI experts, and access to highly templated deployment architecture.

For instance, a healthcare organization turned to Insight for a more cost-effective and centralized solution to manage their data. They were interested in Microsoft Fabric as an alternative to their current on-premises data analytics platform. Within six weeks, Insight designed and implemented a proof of concept for a hybrid data lake and warehouse strategy, extracting data from three distinct sources, including on-premises file databases and servers, as well as an Azure data lake.

By utilizing Fabric, this approach created valuable customer insights from invoice and facility data, enabling more informed decisions about customer behavior and more personalized experiences. Insight Lens helps organizations create the foundation for a comprehensive enterprise data management strategy. The service simplifies data integration, handles large-scale applications and workloads, and extracts actionable insights, alleviating the challenges of managing a modern data estate and multicloud solutions.

It also offers a broader scope for modern data warehouse implementation and management, greatly reducing the time to value for transformation projects. Microsoft Fabric provides an all-in-one analytics solution for enterprises, covering every stage of data transfer, analysis and real-time insights visualized as actionable business intelligence through Microsoft Power BI. Insight Lens combines data in OneLake to enable everyday AI functionality, including generative AI, and trains machine-learning models with business goals in mind.