STORY: Hyundai's unionized workers in South Korea voted for possible strike action on Monday (June 24).

The move comes after talks with the automaker stalled.

The discussions were focused on wage rises and an extension of the retirement age.

A union offical told Reuters they were willing to negotiate with the management if they changed their stance.

The union is one of the biggest in the country with more than 43,000 members.

It said almost 90% of its members had approved strike action unless Hyundai accepted its demands.

If it goes ahead, it would mark the first such action in six years related to wage negotiations at the carmaker.

It could disrupt production of some popular vehicles at home, which Hyundai has been exporting to offset its slow domestic sales.

The union wants a minimum basic monthly pay increase of just over $114.

And performance pay equating to 30% of Hyundai's net profit for last year.

It has also demanded an increase to the retirement age to 64 from 60.

South Korea's rising life expectancy and inadequate retirement pension payments have led to demands to be able to work for longer.

A Hyundai representative was not immediately available for comment.