Hanwha Ocean, Amogy, and Hanwha Aerospace announce a partnership aimed at accelerating the decarbonization of the maritime industry through the deployment of Amogy?s zero-emission ammonia-to-power technology for ammonia-powered vessels. Through their shared vision for a sustainable maritime future, Hanwha Ocean has signed a contract to purchase Amogy?s ammonia-to-electrical power system including Hanwha Aerospace?s hydrogen fuel cell system. The three companies will work together to deploy the technology, leading the way in driving industry-wide transformation.

With the maritime sector facing increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions, the partnership among Amogy, Hanwha Ocean and Hanwha Aerospace represents a timely and significant commitment to sustainable innovation. The collaboration is poised to deliver substantial environmental benefits, showcasing a scalable and impactful solution for reducing the maritime industry's carbon footprint. The use of ammonia as a zero-carbon fuel not only promises to significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions but also serves as a beacon for other sectors striving for sustainability.