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Chief Executive Officer 46 -
Chief Tech/Sci/R&D Officer 45 30/06/21
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Chief Executive Officer 46 -
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Gushen, Inc. is a holding company. The Company through, Beijing Zhuoxun Century Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (Zhuoxun Beijing), delivers onsite educational services to parents through its nationwide physical network of regional collaborative education agencies. Zhuoxun Beijing's onsite educational services include programs, such as individual development, youth leadership development, and parenting schools, enabling in-person guidance and interactions in classes. In addition, Zhuoxun Beijing also provides online education to parents through their mobile application, Wisdom Lighthouse. Zhuoxun Beijing's products provide two sets of curricula, such as Good Parentig and Wise Parents. Good Parenting is focused on child development, provides courses, including emotional intelligence (EQ) training, learning habits, learning ability, and others. Wise Parents introduces general strategies of family education to parents. It also sells household products through its application.
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