Ford CFO John Lawler reports that the company is on track for a strong year, with adjusted EBIT forecast at between ten and twelve billion dollars. Despite challenges in the electric vehicle (EV) sector, where the Model E segment is the worst performer, Lawler sees future improvement. He emphasises the profitability and return on investment targets for the EV business.

On the adoption of EVs, Lawler says their future is undeniable, although the pace of adoption varies. Ford will adjust production and investment according to market demand, while recognising the crucial role of EVs in meeting emissions standards.

Developing an affordable $25,000 EV takes time, and a team in California, made up of experts who have designed profitable EVs elsewhere, is working on the project.

Ford Pro, Ford's commercial division, stands out for its performance, with software products and services that improve the productivity of commercial customers. The lessons learned in this segment are applicable to the consumer market.

Lawler points to the strong demand for Ford's gasoline-powered models, such as the Bronco, Maverick and F-Series, and mentions Ford's efforts to increase production to meet that demand. The recent launch of the new F-150 is also a success.

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