(Alliance News) - Claudio Graziano, chairman of Fincantieri Spa, was found dead Monday morning at his home in Rome, according to Italian and foreign media reports.

The former Defense Chief of Staff reportedly committed suicide, according to initial reconstructions provided by media outlets.

The retired general, who was chairman of Fincantieri since May 2022, had lost his wife, who passed away a year ago after a battle with cancer, the Financial Times reported Monday.


The loss of Graziano, as the company reported in a statement, has left a "great irreplaceable void."

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said in a statement that she was shocked by the death of "an upstanding servant of the state, who throughout his life honored the nation, the armed forces and institutions, with dedication, competence and professionalism."

Defense Minister Guido Crosetto said Graziano's death "represents a serious loss" for Italian defense.

By Chiara Bruschi, Alliance News reporter

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