(Alliance News) - ERG Spa announced Wednesday that its board of directors approved the business plan and ESG plan 2024-2026.

The business plan emphasized the goal of reaching an installed capacity to 2026 of 4.5GW with a projection to 2028 at 5GW, or a growth of 1.2GW in the three-year period 2024 - 2026 of which more than 50 percent is guaranteed by projects already finalized or under construction.

Investments related to the outlined strategy total about EUR1.2 billion in Italy, Europe and the US, with a projection to 2028 of about EUR2 billion.

Ebitda is confirmed and expected in the range of EUR600 to EUR650 million in 2026.

Regarding the financial strategy, the commitment is to maintain the Investment Grade rating, with a leverage target over the plan period of no more than four times expected EBITDA and with a highly competitive cost of debt in the current environment.

In the release, the company emphasized a guaranteed minimum dividend at EUR1 per share, up to a maximum of EUR1.3, to be determined year by year. The upside may also be distributed through a buyback on treasury shares.

ERG's stock closed Wednesday up 0.8 percent at EUR27.14 per share.

By Chiara Bruschi, Alliance News reporter

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