Electric Guitar PLC announced that 3radical Limited has agreed a strategic collaboration with Digital Alchemy to help drive client acquisition and engagement. This partnership will further strengthen 3radical's existing presence in Asia-Pacific and enhance its relationships with its client base, as well as attract and retain new clients by leveraging Digital Alchemy's expertise in marketing automation and its robust technological partnerships with Salesforce, Adobe, SAS, Braze and HCL. By pairing 3radical's Software as a Service platform, 3radical Voco (?Voco?), with Digital Alchemy's ability to implement and support hyper-personalisation strategies at scale, clients will be able to increase engagement and generate valuable first-party data.

This integration allows data generated by 3radical to help inform Digital Alchemy's AI powered decisioning engine to deliver the right promotion or content to customers. This will embed 3radical more deeply into its clients' strategies, providing data-driven solutions to enhance customer engagement, satisfaction and retention. By leveraging real-time data and interactive gamification techniques, clients can build stronger relationships with their audiences and achieve higher marketing returns on investment.