Datadog, Inc. announced the general availability of Datadog App Builder, a low-code development tool that helps teams rapidly create self-service applications and integrate them securely into their monitoring stacks. These customized apps help accelerate issue remediation at scale by enabling both technical and business users to take action on incidents, all within Datadog. Having separate tools for monitoring and remediation can lead to slower response times and longer downtime for companies.

When responding to an issue, teams need reliable, well-maintained tooling that's painless to use and minimizes context switching so that, when an issue arises, responders aren't spending time combing through monitoring data for context, connecting to hosts and other infrastructure resources, or pivoting betweenoles in order to remediate. Datadog App Builder enables the integration of customized, secure and scalable apps directly into teams' monitoring stacks, empowering organizations to take action on observability insights. Teams can also create self-service apps so anyone in the organization can perform remediation tasks quickly and without context switching.

The low-code product allows teams to build apps in hours instead of weeks due to its UI components, templates called blueprints, data integrations called connections and support for custom JavaScript code. The connections include Datadog sources like metrics, logs and monitors, 550+ out-of-the-box actions for key tools and platforms (including GitHub, PagerDuty, Jira, CloudFlare, OpenAI and a host of AWS, Azure and GCP services).