Circles: Airbus delivers around 145 aircraft in first quarter

TOULOUSE - According to insiders, the world's largest aircraft manufacturer Airbus delivered significantly more aircraft in March than in the previous months. In total, the manufacturer handed over around 65 jets to its customers, the Bloomberg news agency reported on Tuesday, citing a person familiar with the matter. This brings deliveries in the first quarter to around 145 aircraft. This corresponds to around 18 percent of the annual target of around 800 aircraft. A spokesperson for the DAX-listed company did not wish to comment on the information before the official figures were published.

ROUNDUP 2: Federal administration awards major contract to cloud specialist Ionos

BERLIN/KARLSRUHE - The German cloud provider Ionos has been awarded a major contract by the federal administration for the development of a particularly strictly secured computer cloud solution. The company made the announcement on Tuesday in Karlsruhe. An upper limit of 410 million euros was specified in the tender for the framework agreement. At the same time, Ionos was able to win a larger contract from North Rhine-Westphalia.

ROUNDUP: CTS Eventim wants to take over Vivendi's festival and ticketing business

MUNICH/PARIS - The concert promoter CTS Eventim wants to buy the festival and international ticketing business of the French media and conglomerate Vivendi. Both sides have signed an agreement on a purchase option, CTS Eventim announced in Munich on Tuesday. The management of the MDax company expressed its confidence that the transaction would be completed "in the coming months". The companies did not disclose the purchase price. Eventim shares rose by just under one percent in the morning. Vivendi shares gained a good half a percent.

UBS plans billion-euro share buybacks

ZURICH - The major Swiss bank UBS plans to invest up to two billion US dollars (1.9 billion euros) in the buyback of its own shares by the beginning of April 2026. A corresponding new share buyback program is to be launched, the bank announced in Zurich on Tuesday.


Further news

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-Collective wage agreement for doctors at university hospitals - ten percent higher salary

-Media: Mislintat about to return to Dortmund

-Prorussian platform fuels concerns about Kremlin propaganda in Germany

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