June 10 (Reuters) - The consolidation wave in the U.S. energy sector
that triggered $250 billion worth of deals in 2023 has stretched into this year,
as companies look for opportunities to deploy their cash hoard and boost their
    The majority of energy executives polled in December by the Federal Reserve
Bank of Dallas expected more oil deals worth $50 billion or higher to pop up in
the next two years.
    In 2023, some 39 private companies were acquired by public companies,
Enverus data showed.
    Below is a list of deals in the U.S. oil and gas sector so far this year:
 Announcement  Target         Acquirer        Deal value  Deal      Closing
 date                                         (in $)      type      date
 June 10                      Noble Corp      1.59 bln    Cash and  Q1,
               Diamond                                    stock     2025
 May 29        Marathon Oil   ConocoPhillips   22.5 bln                 Q4,
                                                          All-stoc  2024
 May 28                       Energy          3.25 bln    Cash and  Q3,
               WTG Midstream  Transfer                    stock     2024
 May 16                       Crescent        2.1 bln     Cash and  End of
               SilverBow      Energy                      stock     Q3,
               Resources                                            2024
 April 2                      SLB             7.8 bln     All-stoc  End of
               ChampionX                                  k         2024
 March 11                     EQT Corp        5.5 bln     All-stoc  Q4,
               Equitrans                                  k         2024
 February 21                  Chord Energy    3.84 bln    Cash and  Mid
               Enerplus Corp                              stock     2024
 February 12                  Diamondback     26 bln      Cash and  Q4,
               Endeavor       Energy                      stock     2024
 January 22                   Sunoco          7.3 bln     All-stoc  Deal
               NuStar Energy                              k         closed
 January 15                   Talos Energy    1.29 bln    Cash and  Deal
               QuarterNorth                               stock     closed
 January 11                   Chesapeake      7.4 bln     All-stoc  Second
               Southwestern   Energy                      k         half,
               Energy                                               2024
 January 7                    California      2.1 bln     All-stoc  Second
               Aera Energy    Resources                   k         half,
 January 4                    APA Corp        4.5 bln     All-stoc  Deal
               Callon                                     k         closed
      Following are some of the biggest deals which were announced in 2023: 
 Announcement  Target        Acquirer     Deal        Deal   
 date                                   value (in  type      Closing
                                        $)                   date
 May 14        Magellan      ONEOK        18.8        Cash      Deal
               Midstream                bln        and       closed
               Partners                            stock     
 October 11    Pioneer       Exxon        59.5                  Deal
               Natural      Mobil       bln        All-stoc  closed
               Resources                           k         
 October 24    Hess Corp     Chevron      53 bln             
                                                   All-stoc  Timeline
                                                   k         delayed
 December 11   CrownRock     Occidenta    12 bln      Cash      Q2,
                            l                      and       2024
                            Petroleum              stock     
 This graphic does not include the ConocoPhillips-Marathon Oil and Noble-Diamond
Offshore deals.

 (Compiled by Mrinalika Roy, Sourasis Bose, Tanay Dhumal, Vallari Srivastava and
Seher Dareen in Bengaluru; Edited by Vijay Kishore and Savio D'Souza)