NuBlu Energy and CNX Resources Corp. jointly unveiled two solutions, ZeroHP CNG and Clean mLNG, that represent step change advancements in the scale and efficiency at which compressed natural gas (CNG) and micro-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) can be produced, all while materially lowering the cost and carbon footprint of both products. ZeroHP CNG is an innovative production technology that redefines CNG by eliminating the need for mechanical compressors.

Instead of leveraging conventional mechanical compression, ZeroHP CNG exploits high gas pressures found naturally, within deep shale formations. This previously untapped renewable energy source, referred to as Geobaric Energy, is being harnessed using CNX's patent pending technology in a first-of-its-kind application at a CNX ZeroHP CNG facility in Southwestern Pennsylvania. ZeroHP CNG represents a paradigm shift in compressed natural gas production, offering unparalleled advantages over traditional methods by drastically reducing: Capital costs, Operating costs, Environmental footprint, Maintenance requirements, Trailer fill time (capable of filling the larger virtual pipeline trailers in approximately one hour without the need for refrigeration).

ZeroHP CNG opens new possibilities for decentralized clean CNG production, positioning it as an ideal solution for meeting the growing demand for clean, affordable energy. The unique design allows for rapid deployment without the requirement of utility power, offering remote locations, stranded assets, or exploratory wells access to market without the need for pipeline infrastructure. Additionally, the team is proud to introduce the Clean mLNG system, a micro-scale LNG liquefaction solution that leverages both Geobaric Energy and NuBlu's proven methane-only refrigeration technology, mLNG.

Leveraging cutting-edge processes and patent-pending technologies, Clean mLNG achieves cost savings and environmental benefits exceeding those of traditional mega-scale LNG processes. Doing so marks a significant milestone in the industry by enabling the cost-effective production of small-scale LNG without compromising performance, and by providing a path to zero Scopes 1 and 2 upstream emissions. By leveraging advanced processes and proprietary technologies, NuBlu and CNX aim to drive a transition in the CNG and LNG space toward a more sustainable future.

Products manufactured from these systems may displace conventional, foreign-sourced liquid fuels with a local, cleaner-burning, more cost-effective option. This disruptive solution has the market potential to displace traditional diesel, kerosene, and propane uses. Additionally, recent obstructions to interstate natural gas infrastructure projects have created a market opportunity for regional mobile energy solutions.

CNG is capable of providing the energy equivalent to diesel at less than half the current price while reducing well-to-wheel carbon emissions by 35% and tailpipe SOx and NOx by approximately 40% and 90%, respectively. ZeroHP CNG also provides a 50% reduction in carbon intensity compared to conventional CNG. The total estimated addressable market for these technologies in the United States has the potential to displace all the petroleum products imported from the Middle East.

Specifically, it could displace 56% of transatlantic and transpacific petroleum imports which would reduce global emissions by 80 million metric tonnes CO2e on an annual basis.